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Value Added Products

Value Added Products

Seat & Upholstery cleaning:

  • After prolong use or spillage of food or other items on car seats make it unhygienic & dirty. You may get cleaned it from us by steam base interior cleaner that use steam vapor to remove dirt, stains and grease from car’s upholstery. Steam has natural power of sterilizing & deodorizing without getting wet feeling beyond few hours.

  • SCar Exterior Rubbing & Polish:

  • Over a period of time car shine has gone off due to various reasons like minor scratches, coal tar, adhesive, water spots, fading & swirl marks of daily cleaning that cannot be handled by normal soap washing. For this you may opt for car body rubbing & polish done with rubbing compound.

  • Nitrogen Gas:

  • Nitrogen is a non-flammable, inert gas that prevents from freezing, expansion and keeps low temperature in tyres and makes it more stable. Whereas moisture & oxygen in normal air expand when hot that increases tyres pressure and make it hard, inconvenience to drive & reduce tyres life. Nowadays we gets frequent news of car accident due to tyre burst at Yamuna-Express-way where high speed driving with normal air filled in week tyres makes deadly combination with concrete road. Concrete road create high friction that generate more heat and noise than tar coal road leading to tyre burst. Hence Nitrogen gas in tyres can prove to be a lifesaver in high speed driving for long hours.

  • Synthetic Oil:

  • Synthetic oil is chemical base oil made in the laboratory to give higher levels of performance and benefit that can stand extreme engine temperature (above 400°F). The major advantage of synthetic oils is superior lubrication that significantly reduces friction, engine noise and in long term wears & tears. Whereas “Regular oil” is mineral base taken from ground and refined but contains sulfur, wax and other elements that create sludge.

  • Throttle body & Air Intake system cleaning:

  • There are carbon and sludge deposits into the throttle & PCV system that disturb the air flow casing rough idle, stumbling or even stalling. For this we clean throttle body by specialize chemical spray at standard pressure to improve starting, drivability & fuel average. It is recommended first time at 20,000 KM & than repeated as per requirement \ service and done more frequently in LPG/CNG vehicles.

  • Engine De-carbonizing:

  • Decarburizing is done for removal of carbon build up due to various reasons like from improper burning of fuel, to substandard fuel quality and general build up with age. This carbon build up can lead to valves not closing properly, spark plugs fouling, exhaust sensors failing, Low pick-up and low mileage and other issues. De-carbonization is done without opening of engine using specialized chemical through fuel supply (petrol / diesel) that dissolve and remove the carbon deposit in various parts of the engine that ejected out through the exhaust pipe. The main advantages are smoother running of the engine and restoration of original compression.

  • EGR cleaning for Diesel Engine:

  • Diesel cars have an Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve that recirculates a small amount of exhaust into the combustion cycle. EGR valves open and close to control the exhaust gas flow. If left open, the excess vacuum will cause the engine to act like it wants to stall, idling roughly or surging and closes valve leads to knocking or pinging with low mileage & low pick-up. We need to get clean EGR valve for smooth functioning of engine. It is recommended to clean first time at 30000 KM & than repeated as per requirement or Service.

  • Special offer for Corporate & RWA:

  • If you have 10+ vehicles than we may formulate a special offer for you like cheque payment or credit facilities etc. For details, please make it convenient to call or meet our customer care manager or workshop in-charge.